St. Stephen's College



In the table on the left is a list of famous students of the St. Stephen's College.
First line: Ip Man (full name Ip Kai Man) Ving Tsun (ancestral) teacher.
In 1917 he graduated.

Foto 1910 St. Stephen's College


1P6 A Group Students And Masters 1908, ( Ip Man 15 years old) 70 students on this foto


1P7 A College Group 1908, ( Ip Man 15 years old) 125 students on this foto


Text on the foto: Man kok sap lien heung kong sing si thai fan hok tong ting mo thai yuk tun.

10 year period of Man Kok,
Heung kong = hong kong
Sing si thai fan = St. Stephen
Hok tong = school
Ting mo thai yuk tun = fine art gymnastics group.
Name foto: 1A1 Z GN

1P3 VI FORM, foto 1912 ( Ip Man 19 years old)


School foto 1912, St. Stephen's College Hong Kong. ( Ip Man 19 years old)


Source: St. Stephen's College Hong-Kong website


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